Unreal Kauai

We are sad to tell you this is the last post from our trip to Hawaii. We can’t describe with words how beautiful the Island Kauai is. We will never forget the atmosphere and the scent of flowers in the air. We will come back one day.




The Waimea Canyon is the tropical version of the Grand Canyon. This natural wonder is  14 miles long and more than 3600 feet deep. There are many lookouts but you can find many secret perspectives of the Canyon. So open your eyes and enjoy it.


This is the view from the Kalalau lookout over the Napali Coast.


Sunset vibes at the most popular beach at the South Shore. The Poipu beach is great for snorkeling and swimming and the sunsets are gorgeous.


And now we come to the highlight of the Island. If you like the movie Jurassic Park you have to book a helicopter flight over the Island with its dramatic and unreal Napali Coast. We did the helicopter flight with no doors, because it is much better to photograph the landscape and the feeling of freedom was amazing.


We hiked the Kalalau trail to the first beach and then into the jungle to the Hanakapiai Falls. You have to cross a lot of small rivers until you reach the big waterfall. We had a quick swim and felt at one with nature.


Say hello to the lovely Hanalei Bay with its long pier. The atmosphere at this beach is unique. This is a must do at Kauai.


One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kauai are the Wailua Falls. The next time we go down for a swim.

While we are writing this post we realize that we miss this Island so much. We have seen a lot of countrys but we had never a feeling like this on our trips.

Aloha no ka mea, ano

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