Foggy Mt Cook


At a foggy day in New Zealand we drove with our Campervan to Mt Cook Village. We were looking for a hostel, but it was too expensive for us. We decided to sleep on a cheap campground with cold water and no light.

There are a lot of treks to hike but we chose the Hooker Valley trek. It was an 1 hour hike with beautiful landscapes and mountains.We arrived the glacier lake and were speechless. The atmosphere was amazing and it felt like a scene in Lord of the rings.

In Mt Cook village are no shops or supermarkets were you can buy food. Fortunately we found some potatoes in our car. With a hungry stomach we went in our camper to look at the stars, but it was a little bit too cloudy.


8 thoughts on “Foggy Mt Cook

  1. These photos are incredible, you’ve capture the foggy mountains perfectly! I’m really into fog but I find it hard to get shots that match up to how incredible the view is in real life. Arriving in a town with no food sounds kind of scary so it’s a good job you found something in your van xx


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